#006 – Charizard

I figured who better to start off than with my favorite Pokemon, Charizard.


Charizard is a Fire/Flying type with the Blaze ability which ups Fire type moves when he is below a third of health. He is weak against Water and Electric moves, with a x4 weakness to Rock.

Charizard can also mega evolve in the 6th generation.

Mega Charizard Y stays the Fire/Flying Type and gains the Drought ability which makes it sunny on the battlefield for 5 turns. It has quite a few other effects, but we will just say that it raises Fire type moves by 50%.

Mega Charizard X becomes a Fire/Dragon type. He now becomes weak to Ground, Rock, and Dragon type moves. He also gains the Tough Claws ability which raises his contact moves by 33%

Now choosing move sets depends on which mega you want. With mega Y, you’ll want special attack moves since he gets a boost in those stats. For mega X, you can technically do either Attack or Special Attack, but with the Tough Claws, Attack moves will be better. If you are playing without a mega stone, go with Special Attack since he is naturally strong in that area. I will be more focusing on if you had mega stones with the intention of using them.

mega_charizard Y

I have personally chosen to have Mega Charizard Y in my team because I like the stat boost he gets with his evolution and his Drought ability. For his first move I typically will have Flamethrower or Heat Wave (for double battles). There are stronger moves, I just don’t like their accuracy or secondary effects. His second move can be either Air Slash or Air Cutter, both are good in their own way. My third move is Solar Beam (I love that Charizard can learn this move! Also with the Drought ability, he can use it right away!) The fourth move is up in the air in my opinion. It depends on your team, but some solid ideas are Hyper Beam (if you can afford the recharge), Ancient Power (the boost in stats it can give is nice), Dragon Pulse (dragons are awesome, enough said), Focus Blast (can lower the opponent’s Special Defense, perfect), or Hidden Power (this one’s type depends on the IVs of your Charizard. Its not the strongest move, its just fun for me)


Mega Charizard X can learn either Attack or Special Attack moves, but with his Tough Claws ability, I will stick with Attack moves. First, I would go with Flare Blitz (just remember you will get hurt. If you don’t want to do that, you can do Flame Charge to raise your speed or Fire Punch). Next you are finally now a dragon so Outrage is the best (if you’re okay with being confused. If not, Dragon Rush is solid while Dragon Claw is more reliable). The other two moves are up to you and the team you have built. A few of my favorites are: Earthquake (just an all around awesome move), Rock Slide (could flinch and hit multiple targets, win win), Crunch (could lower that defense), Thunder Punch (for those pesky water guys), Shadow Claw (increased critical hit), Slash (another critical attack chance) and Belly Drum (to max that Attack… at the cost of half your health).


If you can think of other sets or ideas, I would love to hear them!


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